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Get your head in the game Hannibal!

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his face at the end kills me

cry errytme 

dat scene omfg fuck me


love julia stiles

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I trust these girls with my life.

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April 9th, 1990: Happy Birthday Kristen Jaymes Stewart

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”It’s not easy for people to understand my discomfort with the spotlight, they say, ‘Why would you become an actor if you feel that way?’ People don’t know what to do with those feelings, they feel you’re ungrateful, and that does kind of kill me. You can’t be saying, ‘You’re wrong about me,’ the worst thing is if you remotely sound like you’re complaining. Then you become the misconception.”

Happy 24th birthday, Kristen Jaymes Stewart! (April 9, 1990)

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35/100 s3 screencaps

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